Multiple Drafts

I’ve started writing more times than I care to count. This pandemic has put a grip on me – every time I start writing something, when I come back to review it, I feel differently. It’s hard, even with fewer obligations, to justify taking the time to sit and write. Are all my closets and […]


In these early months of grief, it is so easy to focus only on what makes me sad and lonely. What I’ve lost – what I had and what the future no longer holds. It’s a concept that leaves me frozen and feeling paralyzed. I haven’t been able to sit and write anything recently for […]


Welcome to Living. Good. Grief. A blog that details a journey in loss and the living that comes afterwards. My name is Jen and I lost my husband Tony to Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer in March of 2019. We have two beautiful and amazing children. I hope to use this blog to help myself and share […]